South Pasadena Middle School

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Academic Policies

SPUSD Community Code of Conduct

  • In order to best support our students’ success….
    • We treat each other with respect
    • by greeting each other upon meeting
    • by expressing ourselves with kind words
  • We practice active listening by focusing on the message we are hearing, not just the words
  • We care for and about each other:
    • by seeking first to understand, then seeking to be understood
    • by being courteous and demonstrating kind acts


Sometimes the pressure to earn good grades tempts students to take academic shortcuts. It is important that work turned in for grades be the work of the student whose name is on the assignment. Consequences are given for plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

Parent / Student Reminder:
All cell phones are to be off during school hours:
8am to 2:20pm - Mon.
8am to 2:40pm - Tue. - Fri.
If it's an emergency and you need to reach your student you can call the school office at 626-441-5830.  We will call your student out to speak with you directly.  We do not forward messages to our students.