South Pasadena Middle School

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Project Wisdom

Character Education via Project Wisdom

     Project Wisdom is one of the oldest and most respected character education programs in the nation. The program is currently licensed in over 17,000 schools nationwide.  The centerpiece of the program is a library of thought-provoking, inspirational messages which are narrated over a school-wide PA. Students and every staff members receive a few words of wisdom that uplift and encourage.  The whole campus starts the day on a positive note that encourages everyone to do and be their personal best.  Quality classroom materials help students develop core ethical values and social-emotional competencies. 

    Project Wisdom encourages students to reflect upon the meaning of civic and personal values and the application of those values in their daily lives. Our data indicate reductions in discipline referrals as well as strong improvements in teacher morale, school climate, and social-emotional competencies. Current evidence suggests that good character education raises student grades and test scores.  Some of the findings from the programs's evaluation include:

  • Decreases incidents of student teasing and/or bullying.
  • Decreases discipline referrals to the office.
  • Affects the school climate in a positive way.
  • Has a positive impact on teacher morale.
  • Increases students' self awareness, social awareness, self management, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.
  • Stimulates student conversation about character issues.
  • Key Findings from Educator Resource Site Evaluation
  • 99% indicate they enjoy receiving the weekly morale boosters.
  • 92% indicate they enjoy reading the Teacher Story.
  • 91% indicate they enjoy the special-topic ERS broadcast messages.
  • 97% indicate an overall satisfaction with this online service.
  • 96% of all principals indicated they would recommend this site.
  • Materials offered on the ERS are being used in advisory, homeroom, and character education classes; in the discipline process; during counseling sessions and other academic classes.