South Pasadena Middle School

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Student Achievements

We have remarkable students at South Pasadena Middle School with a variety of talents, not the least of which is Academic Excellence.  Students have many opportunities to 'show what they know'.  Here are some of their accomplishments.



LA County Science Fair 
These kids all did an outstanding job, and completed these projects independently on top of all of their other school activities. WOW!
Honorable Mention- Sharanya Dash
3rd- Shruti Chand & Sabrina Bluml; looking at the composition of bath bombs and the most "fizz" produced.
2nd- Isabelle Whetsel; looking at the amount of glueton in different flours &
        Grace Lin; looking at phase changes with Sodium Acetate (hot ice)
1st- Christopher Liebe & Liam Wright; looking at plasma and fire &
        Dana Soibel; who wrote a computer program to develop a spectrometer to analyze the colors present in different liquids. Dana was also nominated for the Sweepstakes- top project in the fair. 
These are the 6th grade winners of the Noetic Math Competition.  All achieved Honor Roll status.
Left to right:  Noah Kim, Leonard Kwak, Eden Kim, Sarah Maek (Team Winner), Emilio Lois (Team Winner), Peter Dickinson, Emett Mendel, and Jessica Shim.



Click this LINK to see how truly AWESOME our students are!



News Release:
A team of South Pasadena Middle School 7 th graders captured the Sweepstakes trophy at the 23rd annual Mathleague.Org qualifying round for Southern California. The event took place in Irvine on October 14.

The team of Sequoia Ding, Ryan Estanislao, Jay Kim, and Katherine Tam left no doubt of the final outcome, easily defeating their closest competition from Irvine school district. A second team from South Pasadena composed of Yuuto Izumi, Rika Kodama-Sekihara, Victoria Lee, and Devin Shih placed third among fifteen competing teams.

Individually, South Pasadena was equally strong, taking the top seven spots. Ding (1 st ), Kodama-Sekihara (2 nd ), Lee (3 rd ), Kim (4 th ), Estanislao (5 th ), Tam (6 th ), and Izumi (7 th ) dominated the 7 th grade division. In the Countdown Round, Ding defeated the other three top-scoring students of the event, taking home the Champion trophy.

The competition is modeled after the nationally recognized MATHCOUNTS, with Sprint, Target, Team, and Countdown Rounds.
South Pasadena now qualifies for the state finals, held in the Silicone Valley in April, 2019.
Caption for photos:
South Pasadena Middle School earned the Sweepstakes trophy at the 23 rd annual Mathleague.Org competition in Irvine on October 14. Left to right: Devin Shih, Katherine Tam, Yuuto Izumi, Sequoia Ding, Victoria Lee, Rika Kodama-Sekihara, Jay Kim, and Ryan Estanislao



November 2018

Congratulations to the SPMS drama students who recently participated in the annual Drama Teachers Association of Southern California (DTASC) Middle School Fall Festival. As one of 40 schools represented, SPMS earned several honors and learned about the artistic process of preparation, rehearsal, and performance. 

The eighth grade advanced drama class placed in all acting categories:

  • First place for small group drama - Mason Fleming and Lewis Polanksy
  • Third place for student original - Eugenie Borredon, Sean O'Leary and Julia Pei
  • Fourth place for small group comedy - Ema Bucknam and Veronica Koutsky
  • Fifth place for monologues - Henry McLaughlin
  • Honorable mention for set design – Steven Gabler and Jada Hale

Our seventh graders also brought home a handful of honorable mention awards for the other categories and represented our school well. As a result of these awards, SPMS won fifth place overall in the awards sweepstakes. 

Go Tiger Cubs! 


Local Feemasons Awards October 2018


2018-19 7th Grade Girls Volleyball League Champions & Coach McCoy
2017-2018 7th & 8th Grade Football Teams: 210 League Champions...12 schools total in our league
7th Grade Girls Volleyball:  Took 3rd place in the 210 League
8th Grade Girls Volleyball Team: Went to Championship and took 2nd in the 210 League (12 teams).  They also played in a 210 League Tournament with a total of 16 schools and took 2nd once again.
2017 - 2018 GEOGRAPHY BEE

2017-2018 National PTA Reflections Art Competition Recap

South Pasadena Council Reflections Winners (Going on to the First District Competition):
Cloe Maurer – Visual arts
Lewis Polansky – Photography
Phoebe Ho – Dance
Sequoia Ding – Literature
Dalí Hernandez – Music Composition

South Pasadena Middle School Award of Outstanding:
Michael Olsen – Photography
Aidan Howard –Rede – Visual Arts 7th Grade
Aubry Deetjen – Visual Arts 6th Grade

South Pasadena Middle School Award of Merit:
Lewis Polansky – Music Composition
Claire Yee – Visual Arts 6th grade

South Pasadena PTA President’s Award for Creativity:
Robert Wooten – Visual Arts 8th Grade
8th Grade Awards: