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Digital Citizenship

The scope and sequence for South Pasadena Middle School’s digital citizenship program, will primarily focus on self-image & identity as well as relationships & communication. The template that has been provided will be the blueprint for the in class lessons and assemblies for all three grade levels this year (2018-2019).  As we continue to implement this program in the future, our primary focus will be on the incoming 6th graders.  We will then conduct follow up lessons as they progress through their middle school years (7th & 8th grade) to serve as reminders from past lessons. The Common Sense curriculum will serve as the foundation for this program, however research will continue to take place in order to enhance and personalize each lesson for each grade level.

This scope and sequence is aligned to the Common Core State Standards requirements for English Language Arts & Literacy, and the International Society of Technology Education (ISTE) Standards for 21st Century.