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From Your Counselors

Automated Email Message from your Counselors:
Welcome to 2018-2019!! Thank you for your email. As we are settling
into the new school year, below we have a few of the most frequently
asked questions (FAQ) inquiries -- that may help address your needs
while patiently waiting for our response. We will return your
email/voicemail as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience as we
make sure students are off to a great start!

Students at the beginning of the school year are encouraged to ask
questions, to their counselors via the "Pink/Purple" Counselor
Schedule Form located in the main office. We will attempt to reach out
to each request form as soon as we are able to process them.

Please note that due to scheduling issues, schedules may be subject to
change without prior notice.


We didn’t get the elective we requested, what do we do?

Students are given a request form at the end of 5th-grade year, a
google form in 6th & 7th grade or upon registration to fill out to
give us an idea of what classes students are interested in.
Unfortunately, we may not be able to honor each request but we do the
best we can. When it comes to specific semester/yearlong electives,
they may be in high demand and these electives are randomly selected
from the computer based on the initial request.

What is the "wheel" (6th grade) and other grade levels elective system?

The wheel is computer generated and in 6th grade will include a
rotation of 4 classes (not to be repeated for more than 1
quarter/semester). If a student does not get the wheel elective they
wanted in the 1st quarter, they might get it in one of the other
quarters/semesters. Students do not have the option on which quarter
an elective is given. In 7th & 8th grade, students are given either
semester or yearlong electives--but again, not guaranteed.

We did not get the Stem class even though I checked the option for
STEM certificate, what do I do?

Please have your child fill out a counselor request form for schedule
changes within the first couple days of school (found in the office)
and explain this on the form and your counselor will contact the
student, to confirm stem is scheduled within their year. Note: STEM is
on the wheel and offered quarter long in 6th grade. Other classes are
also included when wanting to receive the STEM certificate.

Please look on the SPMS website for our electives description and
which apply to the 'stem certificate'.

Can teacher(s) requests be made?

Due to balancing classes and being fair to all students and teachers,
per administration, teacher requests are not accepted.

I want an honors class, what do I do?

All honors classes are looked at carefully based on set criteria and
students must meet the criteria in order to qualify for an honors
class. Every student is given a chance to reach the criteria at the
end of each year. Due to reevaluating the students at the end of each
year (except 8th graders in the spring), students may also be dropped
out of an honors class if they do not meet the current criteria.
Honors classes are not guaranteed year-to-year.

**For Math Placement**Please refer to the board approved criteria for
Math Placement Protocol on the SPMS website:

I would like to receive Math Placement Data?

You may come into the main office to request your information from the
main office clerks by Friday, August 17, 2018. Please note that
Teacher Recommendation Scores are confidential and cannot be released.

How can I set up a parent meeting?

The beginning of the year is extremely busy. Email is the best way to
reach me as I am with students and may not be able to answer a call.
If you would like to meet, please email to make an appointment, which
will begin after the first few weeks of school. We can also make Phone
Call Appointments.

I left you a voicemail, but I haven't heard back?

We are glad that you sent us an email, we only check voicemail at the end
of the day--with students in and out of the office, with exception
within the first few weeks of school where it may take a bit longer.
With email we are able to communicate more directly. We apologize for the

Warm regards, your Counselors