South Pasadena Middle School

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PE Clothes & Spirit Items


A P.E. Uniform is required, Gray Top & Black Shorts (no images/patterns).  Purchasing the SPMS PE Set is requested, but not required.  We have Adult and Youth sizes.  

LOCKS - Now $7.50:

Two locks are required for each student.  We request using ours as we have a master lock book with every combination, which is helpful should a student forget their combination.  If an outside lock is purchased and the student forgets their combination, we will need to cut off the lock.

*PE Lock - for PE clothes, PE shoes, Vanity Items

*Book Lock - for books, backpack, lunches, etc.


SPMS PE Shirts, PE Shorts and locks can be purchased in the office only. 

Cash or Check only.  Checks should be made out to:  SPUSD.


SPMS PE Gray Shirt - $9.00 (Youth Sizes)             SPMS PE Black Shorts - $10.25
                                     $10.25 (Adult Sizes)                   (Youth & Adult Sizes)


Knit Beanies with & without pompoms - $15 (optional, sold in office only).


2017-2018 PTA Spirit Shirt & Hoodie
                  T-shirt - $15                           T-shirt - $25
The PTA worked with the High School to produce the T-shirts and Sweatshirts.  You can order by going to the PTA WEBSITE, or order forms are located in the office.
Paying by check, make checks out to SPMS PTA

Tiger Sack - $5 (optional, sold in our office only).

* Great for all ages.  100% of Sales of this bag go directly to our Need Based Students.

2016-2017 Spirit Wear

PTA - SPIRIT WEAR: T-shirts & Hoodies (optional not required):

Students choose a design out of 6 options.  The PTA worked with the High School to produce the T-shirts and Sweatshirts.

*Gray T-shirt - $10      Only Adult Medium Size is still available

*Gray Hoodie - $25     HOODIES SOLD OUT

Items sold in the office can be purchased year around.  The items are on sale in the office Mon. - Fri. from 8am to 2:40pm.
Paying by check, make checks out to SPUSD not SPMS