South Pasadena Middle School

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School Expectations:
  • Respect ourselves and others
  • Are responsible for our actions
  • Build trust by being honest
  • Demonstrate integrity by completing our own work and standing up for others
  • Are fair and equitable towards others
Behavior Expectations & Consequences:
The goal of SPMS is to convey our expectations and support students so that they correct behavior and demonstrate our community values.  A list of behavior infractions is listed on the Behavior Matrix below along with aligned consequences.  Students can move to a higher step if they accumulate minor or serious behaviors, students can also move to higher steps based on the severity of individual actions.  The goal throughout the behavior process is to communicate with parents, counselors, and teachers to better support students and include restorative practices where possible.  Below is the behavior communication system that we use:
  • Pre-Referral (Minor Behaviors):  Teachers warn students and remind them of classroom and school expectations.  Teachers are encouraged to contacts parents.  After two instances of minor behavior a referral is written to the Assistant Principal.
  • Direct Referral (Accumulated Minor, Serious, Severe Behaviors):  For behavior infractions listed below, the Assistant Principal is notified of behavior and takes appropriate action per the Behavior Matrix.