South Pasadena Middle School

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Discipline Policies

  • Students enrolled at South Pasadena Middle School are expected to comply with all requirements of the school.  Violation of the rules will be handled by appropriate disciplinary action including but not limited to:
    • Counseling, parent contact, loss of privileges, assignment of appropriate tasks, detention, temporary removal from classroom by the teacher, Alternative to Suspension, Suspension by teacher or administrator, and/or Expulsion.
  • Unacceptable Behaviors include:
    • Cheating
    •  Bullying
    • Dangerous Objects
    • Defiance
    • Disrupting Class
    • Dress Code Violation
    • Explosives at School
    • Fighting or encouraging fighting
    • Gum Chewing
    • Horseplay/Wrestling/Hitting
    • Intimidation
    • Panting
    • Profanity
    • Smoking, Alcohol, or Drugs
    • Spitting
    • Spreading Rumors
    • Stealing
    • Tagging
    • Truancy/Excessive Tardies
    • Threatening/Harassing
    • Using Electronic Devices During School
    • Violation of the “Computer Use” Policy

Dress Code

  • The school administration shall have the right to designate which types of dress, fashion, fads, or appearance disrupt or detract from the educational program and may be a potential safety hazard.
  • Dress Code Violations:
    • No underwear visible.
    • No spaghetti straps (Tank top blouses should be  1.5” wide on the shoulder)
    • Shorts must be long enough to meet the inside palm.
    • Shoes must be worn (no flip-flops or open-toed shoes).
    • Pants must fit and be worn to cover underwear and at the waist or just below the waist.
    • No hats or hoods over the head inside the school building.
    • No alcohol/cigarette advertising on clothing, notebooks, or backpacks.
    • No slogans, emblems or advertising on clothing which by their controversial or obscene nature disrupt the educational setting
    • No facial jewelry (nose, eyebrow, etc.).
    • No bare midriffs, backs or transparent see-through tops.
    • No bandanas.
    • Earrings (hoops) must be smaller than two and a half inches in diameter.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual, or physical contact of a sexual nature made by someone from or in the work or educational setting.  If any student becomes aware of any sexual harassment, this information should be communicated, without fear of retaliation, immediately to the Principal or Assistant Principal.


Grounds for Suspension

  • SUSPENSIONS: A pupil may be suspended from school or recommended for expulsion if the Superintendent or the Principal/Designee of the school in which the pupil is enrolled determines that the pupil has:
  • Caused, attempted to cause or threatened to cause physical injury to another person.
  • (b) Possessed, sold or otherwise furnished any firearm, knife, explosive or other dangerous object unless, in the case of possession of any such object, the pupil had obtained written permission to possess the item from a certificated school employee, which is concurred in by the Principal or Designee of the Principal.  (Includes possession of an imitation or replica of a firearm or other weapon.)
  • (c) Unlawfully possessed, used, sold or otherwise furnished or been under the influence of, any controlled substance, as defined in Section 11007 of the Health and Safety Code, an alcoholic beverage, or an intoxicant of any kind
  • (d) Unlawfully offered, arranged or negotiated to sell any controlled substance, as defined in Section 11007 of the Health and Safety Code, an alcoholic beverage or an intoxicant of any kind, and then either sold, delivered or otherwise furnished to any person another liquid, substance or material and represented the liquid, substance or material as a controlled substance, alcoholic beverage or intoxicant.
  • (e) Committed robbery or extortion.
  • (f) Caused or attempted to cause damage to school property or private property.
  • (g) Stolen or attempted to steal school property orprivate property.
  • (h) Possessed or used tobacco, except as provided in Section 48901.
  • (i) Committed an obscene act or engaged in habitual profanity or vulgarity.
  • (j) Unlawfully offered, arranged or negotiated to sell any drug paraphernalia, as defined in Section 11364 of the Health and Safety Code.
  • (k) Disrupted school activities or otherwise willfully defied the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators, school officials or other school personnel engaged in the performance of their duties.
  • (l) Knowingly received stolen property.
  • (m) Possessed an imitation firearm.
  • (n) Committed or attempted to commit a sexual assault.
  • (o) Harassed threatened, or intimidated a pupil who is a complaining witness or witness in a school disciplinary proceeding for the purpose of either preventing that pupil from being a witness or retaliating against that pupil for being a witness, or both.
  • (p) Unlawfully offered, arranged to sell, negotiated to sell, or sold the prescription drug Soma.
  • (q) A pupil may be suspended or expelled for acts that are enumerated in this section and related to school activity or attendance that occur at any time, including, but not limited to any of the following:
    • 1) While on school grounds
    • 2) While going to or coming from school
    • 3) During the lunch period whether on or off the campus.
    • 4) During, or while going to or coming from, a school sponsored activity.
    • (.2) Sexual harassment [E.C. Section 48900.2]
    • (.3) Causing, threatening to cause, or participating in an act of hate violence [E.C. Section 48900.0]
    • (.7) Terrorist threats against school officials or school property, or both, may be grounds for suspension or expulsion. As per E.C. Section 48900.


Sometimes the pressure to earn good grades tempts students to take academic shortcuts. It is important that work turned in for grades be the work of the student whose name is on the assignment. Consequences are given for plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

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