South Pasadena Middle School

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Student Agenda/Binder Reminder

2017-2018 Binder Reminder/Agenda

Keep your students organized each year with our Student Designed Agenda (aka Binder Reminder).  Teachers request all students to have a copy of this as it includes calendars and sections for each class assignments.  We also have our school rules and so much more.  The Agendas will be distributed along with textbooks.

Thanks to Dr. Wu at WU ORTHODONTICS, your child has received one free copy this year.  But should your child loose this copy or should your High Schooler want a copy too, please see Mrs. Kennedy in the office.  Agenda's are $9.00 (checks made payable to SPUSD).

School Information found in the agenda...
Yearly Agenda Cover Award Winners
Agenda Contest Submissions: