South Pasadena Middle School

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Academic Policies

Eligibility Requirements

All students involved with extracurricular activities must meet the requirements of this policy.  Students who are ineligible may not participate in extracurricular activities in any form beyond the class period.  Coaches, sponsors, and advisers are responsible to ensure the non-participation of ineligible students.  A student who is ineligible is considered to be on probation and may not practice or participate with the team or organization.  Students who are ineligible will receive support and intervention.  Special consideration and support will be given to students that have educational disabilities.

 Below are the requirements for Eligibility.  If a student meets any of the below criteria during an academic quarter in a school year, they will be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities for the following quarter.  Students may be deemed ineligible immediately at the discretion of the administration due to discipline or attendance.  The criteria are as follows:

  • One F or Two D's or more in one academic quarter.
  • Two or more U's per quarter in Citizenship in one academic quarter.
  • A suspension, or receiving behavior probation or attendance probation during a given quarter.
  • For example, if a student receives two D's or an F during quarter 1 of an academic year, they will be ineligible for quarter 2, the next academic quarter.


8th Grade Promotion Requirements

In order for students to participate in promotion activities they must meet the below requirements, our goal is to support and ensure all students participate.  Quarter 4 grades, citizenship and discipline will be assessed 2 weeks prior to promotion for eligibility.  8th Grade students are ineligible if they:

  • Identified as "ineligible" under the "Student Extracurricular Eligibility" criteria for three (3) quarters during their 8th Grade year.
  • The Criteria is as follows:
    • One F or Two D's or more in one academic quarter.
    • 2 or more U's per quarter in Citizenship.
    • A suspension, or receiving behavior probation or attendance during a given quarter.


Appeal Process:  8th Grade Promotion

Two weeks prior to promotion, forms will be available for students that are ineligible for promotion (accumulation of 3 quarters of ineligibility).  The school will communicate eligibility in advance to students and parents.  Students will complete the appeal form by the designated date and turn into their counselor.  The form consists of their current academic, citizenship grades and a short explanation about inclusion in promotion.  Students will be given a time to meet before the appeals committee after turning in the form on time.  If an appeal form is not turned in on time, the appeal with not be considered by the appeals committee.  An accepted appeal can be rescinded if academic of behavioral infractions occur after the committee hearing.  The committee will approve appeals based on academic and behavioral improvement.  Special consideration and support will be given to students that have educational

Homework Policy


Technology Policy


Cell Phones

All cell phones are to be off during school hours:

8am to 2:20pm - Mon.

8am to 2:40pm - Tue. - Fri.


If it's an emergency and you need to reach your student you can call the school office at 626-441-5830.  We will forward a message to your student to call you back, in the office.


School Computers

Students may use the computers at SPMS for school work and personal use, provided they adhere to the District Acceptable Use Policy that parents sign during the registration process.  Students also sign a computer using policy that is kept on file in the library and is accessible on the library webpage.


To use school computers, the user name is the student’s six-digit ID number, and the password is their birthday in six digits (with no dashes or slashes).


Students may save work to the school server, but we recommend they back up their work on a flash drive and/or via email attachment.  There is a charge of $0.25 for a black and White single side and $.35 for black and white double sided per page. 


School computers run Microsoft Office 2007; documents must be saved to run in that version.  Macintosh users should save documents as text files if they need to be edited at school. 


Malicious use of computers will result in loss of privileges and further disciplinary action.


Our Librarys and Computer Lab

The library and computer lab is on the second floor of the administration building.  The library is open to students during brunch and lunch & when designated by librarian.  During those times students are welcome to browse for a book, do homework, use a computer, play a board game, or otherwise rest and relax in the library.  During class time students may come to the library with a pass from their teacher.  Library hours are from 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Tuesday thru Friday. The library closes immediately after school on Mondays.


Electronics Rules

 Cell phones, iPods, iPads, portable games, and other electronic devices that may cause class and campus disturbance are NOT to be used on campus at any time during school hours. If these items are found, they may be confiscated and returned to a parent/guardian.  Electronic equipment should be left at home. We are NOT responsible for recovering lost or stolen electronic equipment.






  • I will cooperate with adults when they say my turn is up while using the library computers during brunch or lunch.
  • I will not hover behind computers being used by other students.
  • I will not go to any websites with inappropriate words (like swear words) or pictures (like pornography). If I do so accidentally, I will exit immediately.
  • I will exit any website that an adult decides is inappropriate.
  • I will not play games, music, or S videos during brunch and lunch.
  • I will not use chatrooms or instant messaging, or go to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps or other communication applications without teacher permission for school related purposes.
  • I will use district issued email ONLY for classroom work (like to contact my teacher or to retrieve homework I email to myself.)
  • I will not shop, sell, or gamble.
  • I will not plagiarize information by copying it directly from the Internet or from another student’s file and turning it in as my own work. This kind of information theft will result in a failing grade on the assignment.
  • I will not download software or games to school computers.
  • I will not damage any school equipment.
  • I will ask permission before printing. I understand that I will be charged for printing.
  • I understand that all student e-mail and other digital files and records may be accessed and examined by administrators for educational and administrative purposes, including the need to ensure that the above guidelines are being followed.
  • I will promptly inform an adult about any on-line communication that I feel is threatening, harassing, or otherwise inappropriate.


NOTE:  If you choose NOT to follow one or more of these rules, your school computer privileges may be revoked FOR THE REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR