South Pasadena Middle School

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Musical Arts-Band, Chorus, Orchestra

Band Directed by Trey Farrell (Mr. Farrell)
Band website
Tiger Cub Band on  YouTube
Choir Directed by Lia Donovan-Jones (Mrs. Jones)
Choir website.
Chorus is a performance-based class in which music from a wide variety of styles, cultures, and time periods will be studied and performed. Students will learn proper vocal production and technique, music reading skills, sight-singing skills, and performance skills. This course will also provide opportunities for growth in the understanding of musical elements (i.e. rhythm, melody, form, harmony, expressive elements, and style) as applied to the music performed. Students will perform in several concert performances during the year and also have the opportunity to sing solos and participate in small ensembles. 

Orchestra, directed by Ashley Diggs (Mrs. Diggs)

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If you enjoy playing a string instrument, you should consider joining orchestra.  




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