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ASB is a great experience for students who like taking charge and helping to make the school a better place.



ASB Mission Statement:

ASB is a representative group of South Pasadena Middle School students who communicate and interact with the student body to create and uphold a positive school environment by hosting activities, determining funds, enhancing school spirit, and contributing to the greater community through service.

What do the ASB students do?

ASB is in charge of coordinating the planning, action and evaluation of all student campus activities. These activities include, but are not limited to; school dances, fundraisers, philanthropic projects (canned food drive, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Pennies for Patients Program), assemblies, campus spirit, lunch time activities, music at lunch, spirit/dress up days, communication of events. The WEB new student orientation program, Upstanders, Builders Club and 8th Grade Activities are also under the umbrella of ASB.

Why does ASB raise funds?

California law allows students in California's public schools to raise money and make decisions about how they will spend this money.  Student organizations that are established to raise and spend money on behalf of the student body are called Associated Student Body organizations, or ASBs, which are made up of current students.  The funds that are raised and spent by student organizations are called “ASB funds.”  ASB organizations and the management of ASB funds present students with opportunities not only to raise and spend money, but also to budget funds, plan activities, and to acquire leadership skills while making a contribution to their school and fellow students. 

What is the ASB money used for? 

ASB funds are used for student activities and expenses that the students decide on. There are many worthwhile student activities including: WEB (student mentoring/orientation program), student awards and recognition, Principal’s list and honor roll celebrations, academic entrance fees for the Math Team, National Geography Bee, LA County Science Fair, the California State Science Fair, and transportation for teams, as well as lunch time activities, assemblies, and school dances. Additionally, in the 2017-2018 school year the ASB also funded the purchase of eclipse glasses for all students on SPMS campus and then collected the used glasses and donated them to the Planetary Society and Astronomers without boarders for use by kids in other countries. ASB also voted to fund emergency preparedness kits for every classroom and for safety window coverings for every classroom door to be used in the event that there is a lock down on campus.

Who are the members of the ASB leadership team?

ASB is made up of approximately 20 -8th graders, 15 - 7th graders and 8 - 6th graders.

Who runs ASB?

ASB is a student led organization. The elected officers: Co-Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer run all business meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order. All bills and expenditures are discussed by ASB and all legal documents are signed off by the ASB Officers, the advisor and site administration.  ASB Officers also serve as members of the SPMS School Site Council.

How are ASB members selected?

ASB selections are made in the spring of the year prior to their year of service. Currently enrolled students who wish to be a part of the ASB class must personally attend one of the informational meetings in the fourth quarter of the year prior to participate in the class. Every portion of the application process is scored. Students are selected for the ASB class based on the following requirements: attendance at the informational meeting, participation in the observational activity, completion of an application, academic grades, citizenship and work habits, confidential teacher evaluations, application completeness, participation in an informal observational activity, in-depth and reflective responses to critical thinking questions, signatures of confidence from the students they would be representing. All ASB members must maintain a 2.5 GPA with at least a C in every class, earn no more than one N and no U’s in citizenship or work habits, and have no more than three negative comments on any report card. 6th grade ASB representatives are selected during the second semester of their 6th grade year based on the cumulative score of the individual application criteria, and confidential teacher evaluation.  ASB students are expected to be independent self-advocates who can step up and represent themselves and their peers.  Our primary focus is on selecting students who are service-oriented and who seek to improve the culture on campus through inclusive representation, not just personal leadership development.

Who advises ASB?

Emily Williams has been the advisor for the SPMS ASB since 2002. The Vice Principal and Principal oversee all decisions and expenditures. Julie Castillo-Kennedy is the ASB Bookkeeper and works with the officers to ensure that all paperwork is completed correctly and is audited by the state annually. Additionally, SPUSD leadership oversees all ASB programs and the Business Services department oversees all budgets, expenditures and financial transactions.


Please contact Emily Williams [email protected]


Please join our ASB and student body as we raise money for PENNIES FOR PATIENTS.  Collection Days are Wednesdays & Fridays during the month of February.
Thank you for your donations!!
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