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Our Library is more than just a place to read a great on our LIBRARY LINK for more information.







The library and two computer labs are on the second floor of the administration building.  The library is open to students during brunch and lunch & when designated by librarian.  During those times students are welcome to browse for a book, do homework, use a computer, play a board game, or otherwise rest and relax in the library.  During class time students may come to the library with a pass from their teacher.  Library hours are from 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Tuesday thru Friday. The library closes immediately after school on Mondays.



Library books circulate for a three-week period, and may be renewed unless another student has submitted a request.  A fine of $0.05 a day will be charged for overdue materials and students will pay the replacement cost of lost library books.


Students may create a personal account in our Destiny library database, which can be used to request or renew library materials, and to submit book reviews to our catalogue.  Directions for creating a student account are on the library webpage.


The district subscribes to three Britannica databases, which are accessible from the library webpage.  These databases are often used for school research projects.  The username is spusd and the password is tigers.  Students are encouraged to get a library card from South Pasadena Public Library and use their print and online materials as well.  We actively collaborate with SPPL so that the public librarians know about school projects and can help students find appropriate materials after school and on the weekends.



Students are responsible for taking good care of their school textbooks, which are checked out using a unique barcode number. Students are to write their name in the space provided on the inside front cover of their textbook so it can be easily identified. Textbooks checked out to students should stay at home until the end of the school year (unless the teacher instructs otherwise). Classrooms have class sets of textbooks for most classes.  If a textbook is misplaced students should check in the library to see if it has been returned.  Students will pay the replacement cost of lost textbooks.  A fine will be charged for damage to book covers, pages, barcode, or spine.  All library and textbook overdues and fines must be cleared before the end of the school year.



Students may use the computers at SPMS for school work and personal use, provided they adhere to the District Acceptable Use Policy that parents sign during the registration process.  Students also sign a computer using policy that is kept on file in the library and is accessible on the library webpage. 


To use school computers, the user name is the student’s six-digit ID number, and the password is their birthday in six digits (with no dashes or slashes).


Students may save work to the school server, but we recommend they back up their work on a flash drive and/or via email attachment.  There is a $0.10 per page charge for printing in the library and computer labs.  Color printing is $0.25 per page.


School computers run Microsoft Office 2007; documents must be saved to run in that version.  Macintosh users should save documents as text files if they need to be edited at school. 


Malicious use of computers will result in loss of privileges and further disciplinary action.



The student’s photo identification (ID) card is also the ASB card and will be used for admission into SPMS functions (dances, etc.), as well as for checking out materials from the library. 





2019 - 2020
On Thursday, March 21, 2019 Author Paul Griffin visited SPMS.  
The article in the South Pasadenan - 4/23/2018:

Students at South Pasadena Middle School learned last week that they have a “superpower.”  

And Mitali Perkins, author of this year’s “Read It Forward” title “Bamboo People,” warned them that if they are not careful, they will lose it sometime during high school.  “You are very tuned in to differences in culture and language — be aware of that and learn to use it before you get set in your ways!”

Perkins’ visit was the culmination of a year-long theme in the SPMS Library called “Books Without Borders.”  The South Pasadena Educational Foundation funded Perkins’ daylong school visit, the purchase of 100 copies of her book, a variety of over 200 new books permanently added to the library collection featuring fiction and non-fiction from all over the world, and materials for art projects and library activities highlighting this international theme.

Copies of Bamboo People have been passed hand-to-hand among students and teachers since January.  It tells the story of an actual border, the one between Myanmar and Thailand, where two boys are on the opposite sides of a war.  Chiko, who wants nothing more than to be a teacher, is forced into the Burmese Army and has to learn to fight as a soldier.  Tu Reh, a member of the Karenni tribe, is living in a refugee camp in Thailand after his village was burned down by the Burmese Army.  The two boys meet in a jungle fight, and learn that they must depend on each other for their mutual survival.

In her assembly presentation, Perkins talked about her own experience crossing borders as a young child when her family moved from India to the U.S.  The immigration experience has touched the lives of many SPMS students who could relate to the idea of living in one culture at home and a different one at school.  Perkins drew laughs as she talked about her embarrassment when her parents came to Open House in traditional Indian dress, and when she had to explain the weird food in her lunchbox to her friends.  “Karate Kid” was a popular movie when she arrived as a new student in 7th grade, so when a group of school bullies heard that she was from “Asia,” they assumed she must be a martial arts master and passed her respectfully in the halls instead of shoving her into a locker!

Perkins met students in the library during brunch and lunch, where she chatted and autographed copies of her book that students had purchased.  She was interviewed by the staff of Tiger Cub News, from teacher David Miller’s Broadcast Journalism class.  Her visit culminated with a writing workshop for students who love to write and want to be writers one day.

After reading international books, hearing a famous Indian-American author talk about her life and her work, and listening to music and creating art from all over the world, SPMS students are prepared to cross both real and virtual borders using their newly found “superpower” to celebrate different cultures. - Betsy Kahn, Librarian


Don't forget to bring in your BOX TOPS.  They help supply the Library with books, and supplies the students need and use.

Thank you!!

The library is closed during homeroom every day.  We are open before and after school for a short period of time if students need to print, get a book, look something up, etc.

Thank you. 


Book Donations are always appreciated.  

The library, classrooms and students & staff benefit from your donations.  

Please deliver them to the front office.

Thank you!

PTA Book Fair is coming.  Volunteers are needed.  Please sign up HERE to help.
The Mrs. Nelson's book fair is coming up during conference week.  Ella Farris, our library aide, has prepared this slides presentation with information on a lot of the hot books that will be for sale.  

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