South Pasadena Middle School

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Student Advisory Team

Purpose of the Student Advisory Team (SAT):
To create a broad group of 6-8th grade students who will meet with members of the ASB. Meetings will be held every other Wednesday in the library during homeroom. ASB members will facilitate the discussions and will seek the help for the members of the SAT to advise them on policies, procedures and programs that affect the school culture.

Guidelines for Selection:
Each homeroom will select a representative who is willing to serve on the Student Advisory Team. The SAT representative will attend the meetings that are held on the third Wednesday of every month in the library.
Expectations for Representatives Representatives know:
  • They are there to represent the opinions and ideas of their homeroom members not just their own individual opinions
  • They need to be able to think critically about issues that affect the school community
  • They need to care about the issues
  • They need to communicate information with their homeroom