South Pasadena Middle School

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Parent Teacher Conference Week


Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences will be held the week of October 21st – October 25th.  Students will be dismissed all week at 12:30 p.m., as it is important that they attend the conferences with you.  Lunch will be served during school.

Conferences are scheduled by your student’s last name in alphabetical order.  Please make note of the time, date and place of your appointment.  Parents with siblings may attend all conferences at one time. Counselors will also be available for conferences – Ms. Montoya will be in the new gym, Ms. Olivarez will be in the library and Ms. Jarrous will be in the cafeteria. See the attached PDF for the conference schedule.



Answers to frequently asked questions:

What if I can't make it on the day I am scheduled to go - Come the day that works best for you.  Our schedule is a template to  assure everyone will not come on the same day at the same time.  If you need to come another day, prior to your scheduled meeting day, please email all your students' teachers so that they may be prepared with your students' file/records in advance.  

Are students welcome? - Yes, students are welcome.  They are requested for any Student Run Conferences.  You will be advised in advance if your teacher will be holding Student Run Conferences in their classrooms. 

Will this be a private meeting – no these are not private meetings. Teachers are seated at tables throughout the room.   

Where do I find my child's teachers - Each grade will be represented in a different location:

6th Grade Teachers (New Gym, just off the parking lot)

7th Grade Teachers (Library, 2nd floor of Administration Bldg)

8th Grade Teachers (Cafeteria)

 *Exceptions.  Some teachers will be holding “Student Run Conferences” in their classrooms.  Those Teachers will inform you of this prior to Oct. 17.

Recommended/requested time with each teacher – around 5 minutes. 

Will there be lines? – Some teachers will have lines this is why we recommend only 5 minutes per teacher.

Do I have to see the teachers in order of my child's schedule – No.

Will I see all my child's teachers - we hope you get to see all the teachers you would like to see, but with the limited time it may not always be possible.  You may come a little earlier than your time slot, but PLEASE be respectful of everyone in line and try to stick to the 5 minutes per teacher.  You may also come another day to see the rest of the teachers. 

End of conferences/doors closed/teachers leave – at 2:50 pm

To save time, we suggest you print out your students' schedule prior to arriving as there usually is a line for pre-printed student schedules.  Go to to log on to the Aeries Portal.

Parent Teacher Conference Week: Monday
  Start Time End Time Length
Period 1 8:00 AM 8:35 AM 35 min
Period 2 8:40 AM 9:15 AM 35 min
Brunch 9:15 AM 9:30 AM 15 min
Period 3 9:35 AM 10:05 AM 30 min
Period 4 10:10 AM 10:40 AM 30 min
Period 5 10:45 AM 11:15 AM 30 min
Lunch 11:20 AM 11:50 AM 30 min
Period 6 11:55 AM 12:30 PM 35 min
Parent Teacher Conference Week: Tuesday - Friday
  Start Time End Time Length
Period 1/2 8:00 AM 9:05 AM 65 min
Brunch 9:05 AM 9:20 AM 15 min
Period 3/4 9:25 AM 10:25 AM 60 min
Period 5/6 10:30 AM 11:30 AM 60 min
Lunch 11:35 AM 12:05 PM 30 min
Homeroom 12:10 PM 12:30 PM 20 min