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F.A.Q. For SPUSD Technology

F.A.Q. for SPUSD Technology
Q:  My SPUSD Chromebook is running slow and having a hard time using and connecting with software?  
A:  Check if the Chromebook is updated. 
  1. Click the time on the lower right-hand corner.  
  2. Click on the settings icon.  
  3. Click on About Chrome OS.  
  4. Click on "check for updates".  
A:  Are there a lot of applications running? Close the ones that you are not using.   
Q:  When do I return my Chromebook to SPUSD?  
A:  Chromebooks can remain with the student until requested to be returned by SPUSD     
Q:  Will Chromebooks stay with students over the summer?  
A:  Yes     
Q: Will students use the same Chromebook over several academic years?  
A: Yes. To keep up to date, district Chromebooks will be on an approximately four-year replacement cycle.     
Q:  Can I exchange my Chromebook if it isn’t working?  
A:  Please contact the Tech Specialist from your school or call the District Help Desk at ‪(805) 285-2526‬ to troubleshoot the problem. We can arrange an exchange if needed.     
Chromebook Insurance
Q: What fees are charged for repair or replacement of a student Chromebook?  
A: Students are responsible for taking care of their District-issued Chromebook. In the event the Chromebook, or AC adapter (charging cable) is damaged or lost, fees may be assessed and charged on a pro-rated basis. SPUSD will consider the age of the device when determining fees (if any).     
Q: Can insurance be purchased to cover damage to Chromebooks?  
A: Insurance is not required and not recommended for most older devices. For new devices (Dell 3100) which may incur damage from accidents like drops, liquid spills, etc. for which users will be responsible, insurance is recommended (but not required). We have partnered with a third-party insurer to make optional coverage easy and inexpensive. Details can be found via this link:     
Using Personal Devices
Q:  Can students use personal devices?  
A:  A personal computer, iPad, or mobile device may be used for schoolwork. However, some assignments (e.g. exams and assessments) will require a district-managed Chromebook.     
Q:  What is the advantage of using a district-issued Chromebook?
A:  Although no web content filtering system is ever 100% effective, the software used by the District provides protection against inappropriate web content that meets federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements. SPUSD Chromebooks are required when using the “locked” mode which blocks internet use during exams.     
Technology Policies
Q:  Will students be tracked when using their District Chromebook?  
A:  As with any district-owned technology device, student Chromebooks will be subject to internet content filtering, remote device administration of device software, as well as the ability to geo-locate the device if necessary.  The district does not actively ‘watch’ students but, instead, utilizes these tools to prevent access to inappropriate online content, assist in the recovery of a lost or stolen device, ensure devices are running the latest software versions, and assist with troubleshooting.  All activity on any district device is recorded and searchable if needed by district administration. 
Q:  Are there rules that students need to follow?
A:  Yes, students have agreed to the Students Technology Responsibility Agreement.  Everyone should also be adhering to the Acceptable Use of District-Wide Computer Network and Release Of Liability Policy.
Q:  Can the district turn off YouTube?  
A:  Due to its usefulness for providing supplementary educational materials, the district has decided against blocking  
Q:  Help!  My internet is slow, how can I speed it up?
A:  Bandwidth is spread thin these days especially with so many people working and in school from home, on their computers, phones, televisions, gaming, ring, video streaming, nest and multiple of other devices.  Here are a few things you can check: 
  1. Are you too far from the router? The further you are from the router, the more unreliable the connection, try moving closer.  Move the router higher so that there is less interference. 
  2. Call your provider – ask if they can boost it? Is there a faster option for your area?  Are there any outages in the area?  Are you eligible for a router upgrade? 
  3. Connect directly to the router using a Cat-5 Ethernet cable. This will also free up some wireless bandwidth.
  4. Sometimes your modem and router just need a break!Disconnect the modem and router from power and wait at least 30 seconds before restoring power to both.  
Q:  My Chromebook does not have an Ethernet port, how can I use an Ethernet cable? 
A:  Our Chromebooks do not have have Ethernet ports but you can purchase an adapter ($10-$15) and plug directly into the router at your home. You can buy these things almost anywhere that sell Computer supplies like Amazon, Office Depot, Best Buy ETC.    
Q:  My Chromebook does not know which "Network" to connect to?
A: At the bottom right, select the time. Select Settings . In the "Network" section, select WiFi, then select your network.  Turn on Automatically connect to this network. 

Q: What is my username for the Parent/Student Portal?  
A: For parents, your username for the Parent Portal is the email address in your Contacts. It will generally be the one you receive school emails from. For students, your username is your SPUSD school email address. It will generally have your first initial or name and last name, a number, and be followed by ... you must use the entire email address to log into the Portal.    

Q: What is my password?  
A: We cannot see the password on your account, nor manually set it. If you are receiving a message that your password is incorrect, please visit and use the password reset function. This will send a link to your registered email address that will let you reset your password.  
Q: I am getting a message that my account doesn't exist when trying to reset my password.
A: One of the most common things to check is that you are at and not another district's Aeries portal. Many districts, including Pasadena USD, use Aeries, so using Google to find the Aeries Portal can lead to another district's page quite easily and they tend to look very similar. If this is correct, then please contact the school to make sure that your email address is correct in the system.     
Q: I got a password reset email, but it's not working when I click the link.  
A: When you are sent a password reset email, it will disable any previous emails. Gmail will often group these emails into a 'thread' so they will all be stuck together, but it is important that you use the most recent link, because the others will not work.   
Q: I created my own account and now I'm being asked for a verification code.  
A: This occurs because you have an account registered to an email address that is not in our system. For security and privacy reasons, SPUSD does not allow parents to create their own accounts. Please contact your school's office to make sure that your contact information is correct and that the email address that you wish to use is accurate.     
Q:  My sound is not working. 
A:  Click on the time in the lower right-hand corner and a window with the volume slider will open.  Make sure that the sound is not muted or too low.  Next, click on the right arrow icon next to the volume slider and select where the output and input sound will come from.  Disconnect or unplug any audio devices, such as Bluetooth speakers or headphones.  Restart your Chromebook.  If the issue is not resolved, perform a Chromebook Update.  Instructions are at the top of this page.   
Q:  Can I add a printer to my Chromebook?  
A:  Yes, here is how to add a compatible printer.  At the bottom right, select the time. Select settings.  At the bottom, select Advanced.  Under "Printing," select Printers.   
Q:  How do I access my camera?  
A:  Minimize whatever is open on your computer and in the bottom left corner of your Chromebook screen is a hollow circle.  Click on it and search for the camera.  The camera will pop up.   
Q:  Where did my camera go? 
A:  Many times, this can be resolved by doing a Chromebook Update.  Instructions are at the top of this page.